Our services

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is the most important part of online and offline marketing.


Logo is an essential element of corporate identity, we will design tailor-made designs from which you choose the one you like the most.


Based on your logo design we will design business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, etc.

Web presentations

The web presentation must be subject to your brand. That’s why it meets the color combinations and style of your corporate identity as well as the rest of the materials.

Web presentation

Present yourself, your business, products or services in style.
Quality and impressive presentations will help you to attract potential clients.


We will set up an ideal eshop that is not only presents your products in the best light but is also a perfectly functional sales system where you can easily manage current orders, warehousing or automatically generate invoices for sold goods.

Promotional materials

Whether it needs business cards, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, catalogs or anything else, we will be happy to suggest you and make a cost-effective production from proven suppliers.

Advertising campaigns

If you get a major part of customers on the Internet or you want to simply visualize and get into the subconscious of Internet users, we can arrange a variety of online advertising campaigns (mostly social network Google + click-through advertising).
In addition to online advertising campaigns, we also provide retail outlets for offline advertising campaigns, such as distributing flyers or utilizing the advertising space of contractors.
We also provide everything you need for promotional events where you can present your products or services.

Technical support

We also provide technical advice services.
We provide, for example: card payment in the store, flexible customer line with telephone number anywhere in the world, cash systems, internal systems, communication tools, …